Monday, April 14, 2008

Last Week's Interestings // 02

See Billy working? Now see Billy's work [ here ].

- jelsen

My Chevelle

It's hard to be a car dude in nyc - especially a classic americana car dude. But, today was my lucky day.

Two blocks away from me there's a mechanic's lot where a beautifully trashed & rusted sharp-tooth'd Chevelle sits:
.....and this is what it USED to be. Hopefully the good lord'll bring it back to life one day.

- jelsen

Ali Wins

Last night (oh....let's say around a drunken 3:15am) we had a few friends over after Colleen & Tom's housewarming party.

We all slumped on the couch, popped Mahagony in the dvd player, refilled our drinks - then someone asked, "ey, you have any chips?".......

17mins later our fridge was its fullest since Bahareh was last here - yes, a tragic fact; blame I also had a great convo (actually, due to the unavoidable language barrier it was more of a 'good' convo) with Ali.

He's really a nice dude. The movie - sucked.

- jelsen

More Ft Greenery

Why is my neighborhood amazing? There are just too many reasons, really.

This time around i wanna display a couple architectural gems. In 'gems' i mean, "interesting enough to stare at".
- jelsen

Walking i'll Keep

Hooray, booz!

Bahareh got me this as a traveler's gift while wandering the annoying corridors of Heathrow Airport (officially my least favorite airport). This set contains each color of the fabulous Johnny Walker Rainbow.


And can i even tell the difference between the four - nope, not yet. But i am determined to be a novice connoisseur by the time all four bottles are tapped.

My hard pallet (and liver) rejoice.
- jelsen