Saturday, January 24, 2009

Plus one

The best thing about being back home is that I get to be Lisa's plus one again. On Thursday we were invited to not one but TWO great award shows and being as festivity deprived as we have been lately...we decided to go to them both.

Luckily they were within a five minute walk from each other (oh, Oslo) and although we accidentally missed BOTH award ceremonies, we had a grand time pretending to be at two places at once.
Our buddy, Jørgen, helped create the winning ad

The first was Pustehullet, which sorta translates to "breathing space" and is an award handed out by one of the biggest newspapers in Norway to the best ad placed in their weekend magazine. The winner was my favorite car ad of 2008 and counted as the fourth consecutive win for my favorite Norwegian agency, TRY.

The second event was hosted by Costume, my favorite fashion magazine ( a lot of favorites in one night, I know). They awarded the best dressed, best brand, best designer etc of the year. Pretty much anyone who's anyone showed up, which included my favorite (see last parenthesis) girl, Maya Vik. She is so pretty and talented that I giggle every time I see her.

It was a great night. We laughed till we cried, we broke a bottle here - a glass there, we mingled with old friends and made some new ones and at the end of the night we got to walk home with two goodie bags. Goodie bags are my favorite.

Next event is Oslo Fashion week, this year at the brand new Opera house in Oslo. Can not wait to finally get to see it close up and make it my new favorite! I'll make sure to bring a real camera for that event!

Thanks for a great night, Lisa!


Winter wonderland

It's been snowing here every single day for about 10 days and I take long walks in the snow as often as I can and dream of being a kid again. I wanna make snow angels and throw snow balls, but I'm scared people will think I'm crazy.  The trees are bowing heavily, overflowing with snow and itching to be shaken. The snow plows have created giant mountains along the roads, begging me to climb them. But so far I've only put my iPod and a grin on and walked and walked. 

Growing up has never been my favorite thing to do.