Monday, July 28, 2008

Erica's 28.5+1.5 Bday !!

The wonderful Erica celebrated her 3rd decade of existence over the weekend - boy, were we glad to be there. Here she is with her husband-to-be Lee. They're getting hitched in south africa this december - woah!

Here are some highlights.....yes - she dances with her shoes in hand.


- jelsen

Last Week's Interestings // 13

- jelsen

My New Neighbor! ( ? )

Walking out of my apt the last 3 mornings has been quite a recurring treat! The owner is either visiting or just moved onto my block. Either way - 'Thank You".
- jelsen

S C R A B B L E Showdown

On saturday we had yet another impromptu grilling picnic at fort greene park. We were pleased to have Jacob, Hunter and Adrianna come and lose at Scrabble too.

How sweet of them.

- jelsen