Thursday, June 12, 2008

Get well soon, Billy!

Our friend Alexis told me yesterday that she doesn't want to be our friend anymore because it seems like all our friends are ending up in hospitals these days. I really hope this is the last of the vicious cycle though.
This week our buddy, Billy had been experiencing some tummy pains and being the man he is, he didn't have it checked before it was a little too late. He ended up in the operation room where they performed emergency appendicitis and also remove part of his colon! Billy is now recovering in a very fancy hospital uptown where he has a view of the river, free internet and a magic remote. The magic remote controls the lights, the TV, the bed has a button that goes straight to the nurse, so anytime he needs something he can ask for it!
He also has a magic button that gives him magic pain medicine whenever he needs it and he let me push it for him!! Hi girl, Becca, and I had the best time watching him get hiiiiigh.
Visiting hours are from 4-8pm, so I guess you just figured out what YOU're doing this weekend, huh?