Thursday, August 28, 2008

Raphael Saadiq

This kid has so much SOUL it's almost overwhelming. Oakland's own Raphael Saadiq threw an amazing show [ yep, and 3 wardrobe changes ] at The Highline Ballroom last night.
Oh, so we missed the Janelle Monae's opening act...but, Bahareh snuck away with this great pic of her and Q-Tip.
Oh yeah, and we got him back onstage for an encore! We're getting REALLY good at this.

And here's a classic:

- jelsen

From Our Ancestors > For Our Future

A unanimous vote made Barack Obama the first African-American to become a major party nominee for president.

Oh, and let's not forget he's just as white as he is black. Afro-European American's more accurate.

This November'll be interesting, indeed.

- jelsen

Brazil's Had Enough

So, welcome home Brent!

- jelsen