Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Very Moment:

- jelsen

The first At Last

When Barack pulls away and tells her something and Michelle giggles, tilts her head and looks into his eyes...she looks like she FEELS so beautiful. I know exactly what was said during this dance. Finally in front of everyone, showing your complete and utter love to each other. In public, but yet in the complete privacy of just the two of you. I love them. I really do. 

And I think the President has a little singing talent bottled inside, no?


JANUARY 20TH, 2009 : DC, USA

wouldnt be anywhere else.

thanks america.
- jelsen

> > > > > > > > > > > > >

thanks again for all your service.
- jelsen

Last Week's Interesting // 37

Geeked out with Chakaras @ The Ducati Bike Launch Party:
Stumbled into an art show with Rodney:
Finally got to play with Rucyl's Chakakhantroler:
Wandered with Lady Land.
Captured some Brooklyn charm:
Said, "Happy Birthday" to Tayo:
Boogied w/ Buddies @ Brooklyn Bounce:
And challenged Michael J Warren:
.....last week was indeed eventfully interesting - my favorite variation. it was also my first week back from Norway.

"I Love You New York",
- jelsen