Friday, April 4, 2008

B&J...and the Bear?

....and I dont want to see THEM have sex. Uhm, unless you're into that kinda stuff and so happen to have a Blueray disk of it and also happen to be over my place...maybe then, i'd take a glimpse.


Thanks to Hasani for the link. (you dirty, dirty, boy)

- jelsen

B&J Anatomy that's just beautiful sex.

- jelsen


Whenever i think im being all 'productive' i take a glance over at my friends who are also getting it done - but on a whole different level.

Meet Nydia. Ive known her since my freshman year in highschool. Actually - i smoked my very first (and 3rd to last) cigarette (swisher sweet) with her by the lake behind my apt. Most recently, she's been the semi-motivation for my first round of spring cleaning, but most importantly, she's the Assistant Manager of Grants and VIP Outreach at the Marijuana Policy Project out in DC.

Check out the org.

- jelsen

Hello Hodogaya!

We've been keeping track of our "Fan base" by the wonderful help of Google Analytics and are glad to inform that our blog is getting hits from all over the world. Just observe the orange dots for proof! We even have a returning fan in the far away city of Hodogaya in Indonesia. How lovely is that! Next time our friend visits, we hope he can leave us a message.

632 hits ain't bad at all. Especially since it's from 81 different cities in the world. Woah!


Good Morning // 11

Today, i decided not to skip class - and so did Sallome. She and i went to Brooklyn's own George Westinghouse High School to pay some kids a visit.

Today's Subject: D R E A M S. we all got 'em, ya know.
The kids, predictably, were amazing. At first they were reluctant to acknowledge interest in the two of us.....until the jokes started going around. ha.

looking forward to the next.

- jelsen