Thursday, January 15, 2009

I choose peace

One of the last days Jelsen was in my hometown of Oslo, we joined in on a peace march in the city center. It was a very emotional experience and one of those moments that makes me so proud to be Norwegian. I'm uncertain how much of the war in Gaza is portrayed through media in the U.S these days, but Norway is very passionately involved and the stories we are hearing here scare me to the core. Today a UN quarter, a shelter and a hospital were bombed and it seems nothing is sacred anymore. This past week there has been street riots in Oslo as a reaction to the unfair battle that is going on and it is dividing friends and neighbors in heart breaking ways.

 I think it's important to point out that none of us need to take a side in this battle. We don't need to take a stand between the religions involved or the statements being made. The people that showed up to this march all took an important stand, raised their torches so they could be seen clearly and showed where they stood in the battle between war and peace. They all chose peace. And that's all the rest of us need to do too.
A lot of people are disagreeing about what is actually going on, and I think it's important for everyone to put pressure on Israel so they will let journalists come in to the war zone and report to the world about what they see. All is NOT fair in war and we need make sure rules are not broken in a way that affects the civilians.