Friday, February 22, 2008

Amber's our Favorite:

We're privileged to have the paper queen Amber Favorite build & letterpress our envelopes for the wedding invites.

Woo hoo, chicago!

Check out some of her process pics. gotta love it.

Look at that pwitty paper!

- jelsen

Good Morning // 05

Well, im supposed to fly to miami this afternoon from LGA. we'll see if mother nature permits.

- jelsen

Rafael Shot Me in the Face

Mr Rios came through the apt and took some cool portraits. def check out more of his work.

Good times were still afoot when we wrapped up the shoot with thai food and the Helvetica film.

- jelsen

Sunny Side of UPS

Now, since UPS likes to lie (in detail) about when they'll actually deliver a package to your home, i had the privilege of taking a good chunk out of my day to trek the 7 Train to Sunnyside, Queens to pick it up my damn self.

check out the glorious entrance.

- jelsen