Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something fishy

I came upon this strange little creature earlier today. Possibly the strangest looking fish I've ever seen. The mouth sorta looks like a...vajay jay, no? Like a very talented one? 

Just know that I know that you thought the same thing when you watched it. If I'm going blind, we're ALL going blind, m'key?


Jargon Desktop : Welcome Home

aaaah, back in my dungeon. i cant believe i just 'vacationed' for almost 4 full weeks. What am i - a goddamn aristocrat?!

Well, that was fun while it lasted and now im back to my native Blue Collarism [ the work ethic / not the salary ].

oh, and im still looking forward to posting how our New Years went down. [ cough, ABBA, ehem ]

- jelsen