Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Week's Interesting // 34

1 week / 3 time zones.
- jelsen

When In Oslo

So, as some of you may have realized.....'im not in Brooklyn anymore'. Nope - im far far north in Norway. Bahareh and i are spending xmas and new years in the Land-O-Santa with her family.

I decided to fly in 2 days before her. I figured id get over here first to lay down the red carpet for the Queen's arrival - of course.

Yesterday, i stayed over her sister Atefhe's place with the beautiful fam.

When we were all up we headed 'round town.
Oh, and even though it's been a lot colder in NYC than in Oslo recently my feet seem to be numbing from the nordic cold. Amir sacrificed his own toes and offered me his 2nd pair of socks.

How sweet.
.....and we're back to roaming....
Merry Christmas = "God Jul", pronounced 'goo - yeul'. Uhm, basically.

Many more festivities ahead.
- jelsen

Some Oslo Signage +

...these two are from the subway station in my favorite neighborhood, 'Grunerl√łkka':
.....what NOT to name your boat:
- jelsen