Monday, September 8, 2008

When Virgos Attack!

Yes yes, the whole lot of them. This past weekend kicked my ass - and ive had weeks of conditioning! Birthday party hopping was in full effect. Let's review, no?
First up, the vonderful Lichiban. If it looks like the 5 of us took over the entire restaurant its because out of the 7 tables at A Bistro....5 of them inhabited a birthday girl or boy.

It got intense. Chefs included.
Some consider this up: we head over to give Bday Boy Chuck a congratulatory hi-5.

This is the very first thing that happened as soon as Bahareh jumped out of the cab in front of their door: CRASH!
Unfortunately, we could stay long enough to celebrate in proper fashion. we had more hopping to do, knawmean?!

We then wobble-walked to Jeannie's bday celebration in Alphabet City 'round midnight. The party, as you can imagine, was already far ahead of us on the self-sedation train.
And that's a wrap! Happy Consecutive Birthdays, buddies.

- jelsen

And He's Back...for now.

My brother from another mother got back last week from 1) milan 2) london. He misses brooklyn.

He'll be heading to amsterdamn in two weeks....he might be a spy.
check out some of Ekene's work > HERE

uh oh,
- jelsen