Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finally! New Kicks, again.

I've been a REALLY good boy about impulse purchases as of late. So, today, i ran 'round the bend to Puma with fingers crossed HOPING that there'd be a pair of kicks worthy of my greenbacks. Whew! Success + fat laces.

- jelsen

Nuggets & Noggins

Last night was yet another productive meeting with friends (im so glad im not an accountant) at my place. Twas some good, clean fun - we even broke out the frozen box of alternative chicken nuggets.

These two deserve it.
Sallome & Lichiban have their clever lil fingers in so many projects i dare not try to begin to describe them all. So, instead, check these 3 vitals:

1) Dope Swan
2) Lichiban's Blog
3) The Stoop

- jelsen