Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prospect Park Bike-Through

After the Sidewalk Sale Jaytram, Erin, and i biked to Prospect Park. I want to now move INTO the park.

- jelsen

Living Vicariously

There are cars...and then there are DREAM CARS [ aka BMW M5 ], and then there are friends that so happen to own one of my dream machines. Angie, after seeing me drool all over it, benevolently offered to let me take it for a quick spin.

I sent a pic to my lil brother immediately. He, also, drooled.

thanks angie!
- jelsen

Triple Sidewalk Threat

Yesterday, we headed to Steph, Nicole, and Angie's "Sidewalk Sale" in Boerum Hill. Twas a PERFECT day for stoop-style lounging with buddies, "..white wine, anyone?".

Bahareh and i came away with some goodies, too.
Details, details.

- jelsen

Last Week's Interestings // 17

- jelsen

A Pleasant Entrance

I'd love going to school if it looked this fun. This JHS's in Brooklyn's Clinton Hill/Bedstuy neighborhood.

- jelsen