Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Morning // 07

...and here we are. Since we had to rise & shine far earlier than Andrew's usual collegiate mid-day, he was more than happy to be back in a horizontal position.
This machine here is basically a motor controlled icebox. After the surgery we'll wrap his leg in it so that he can stay comfortably numb to the guns.
This is America....anytime's the best time for red tape. I think Andrew's most excited about getting a Disabled Parking pass.

Now, that's positive thinking.
While he's under ive been trying to keep to my daily routine. Since my baby (a refurbished macbook pro i bought 5mos ago) is also under the knife back home at TekServe (then i'll have a re-refurbished mac)- ive had the privilege of using a device called a 'PC'.

My digital productivity is limited to emailing. Andrew's an accounting major for pete's a business school. So, no CS3 for miles. The pen & pad it is.

oh yeah - and bloggin'.

- jelsen

Boston, here i come

After my bloodymary-assisted brunch at The Speakeasy i jumped on the Fung Wah Bus ($15 NYC to Boston each way) well prepared for the 4hr mini-journey ahead.

My little brother, Andrew, has been going to school [Bentley College] up there for almost four years now. I rarely get to visit the lil fella, so when he tore his ACL during a soccer game i couldnt think of a more applicable reason to come to Boston: surgery.

Aaaaw, dont feel so sorry for him. he doesnt seem to be worried about the surgery at all.

See? its 8hrs before the procedure and he's calmly ordering tex-mex.
Dattaboy. tomorrow's a big day, indeed.

- jelsen

Semi-Squeeky Cleaning

Bahareh thinks that i only clean the house when friends are visiting - which is completely untrue. i believe that i clean best on rainy days.

Its been raining a lot, lately.

Coincidentally, my highschool buddy Nydia - visiting from DC - is gonna crash for a night. the odds?!

A few interesting observations whilst tidying up. First, in the bedroom, i realized that our sheet 'ensemble' accurately matches my Ronald McDonald nikes! Second, cleaning out the fridge, i pulled out four (4) different kinds of milk and/or alternatives that were ALL expired (not drastically! just by a few days - except for the...)

Soy egg nog? gross. i have no idea how that one survived AT LEAST 5 rainy days since the new year.

Maybe i do need more friends.

- jelsen