Monday, October 27, 2008

Wassup 2008

thanks APY for sending this.
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- jelsen

"This Ticket Saved Your Life, Son."

So, it seems that most things you do normally is illegal. I was pulled over (just the cop lights - no sirens) on my bike by new york's finest.

Why you ask? Because i 'ran a red light'. I also didnt have a helmet (i told them i forgot it at home), my front and rear reflectors were 'missing' and i was also rocking headphones while operating a bicycle.
I leaned against my bike for bout 20mins as they ran my ID. Of course, they had a good time repeating my last name.

One of them (the obvious Bad Cop of the couple) burped like a frat boy in between his repremanding. Real nice. Reckless Operation of Bicycle. reeeeeaally?


Im going to follow this summons' instructions and be sure not to miss my Jan 14, 2009 court date.

- jelsen

Some Graham Ave Signage

Riding to Bushwick i cruised up Graham Ave for some sign gazing.

Here are a few:
...if only it was that easy.

- jelsen

Rats Everywhere U.S.A.

I saw this lil' fella on Adelphi....and then his cousin on Park ave.
- jelsen

Last Week's Interestings // 26

- jelsen