Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet&Greet // Scandinavian Design Group

I was more than happy to have a Meet&Greet with Naja Boone at SDG. They also have offices in NYC so we've tried to connect earlier this year but the timing never lined up....until we were both in Oslo last week.

Check out some of their work:
Mmhmm - delicious, eh? But wait....there's more:
So, during our meet we started looking at some typography in my sketchbook which then led to a Courtesy Of post.....which then led to a photo of Ekene....who she recognized from back in NYC.

What she didnt know was that while i was at her office Bahareh went to pick Ekene up at the train station. So when we walked back down to the lobby - they were more than surprised to bump into each other. ha.

Oh, and then Bahareh and Naja recognized each other from a party back in brooklyn two summers ago. wow.

im a sucker for these stories.
ah, twas more than fun - for not just myself it seems.

thanks Naja
- jelsen

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Naja said...

Hi! LOL. Great post. Sorry I missed you this Saturday, but I would have been no good company anyways. See you around! N