Friday, February 29, 2008


1st up - Jesus' Prince-O-Peacemobile. vroom vroom!

I think its very inconsiderate of this car owner to have not one but two (2) window bumpers asking you to flip through the Old Testament twice: first when reading it from your rear-view mirror then again when the bastard cuts you off.

How is anyone going to be saved with this new brand of 'mobile evangelism'? tsk tsk. what happened to slipping pamphlets through a car's cracked window in the local mega parking lot? evangelism has indeed lost its intimacy.

* oh wait, right. they got the Lord Approved 'FORGVIN1' tag. FREE PASS EVERYONE, FREE PASS! red lights and stop signs? puh leez.

B.O.M.B.A. - the acronym.
c'mon now. now you have a big-ass secret on a big ass rear windshield.

Better Off Masturbating Beneath A-train

Oh c'mon c'mon! pick a side, comrade! so, you honk & honk & honk & honk until i let you by and then you apologize for being an asshole?

You should just drive in reverse to avoid a whole lotta confusion.

- jelsen
(shout out to amy, mary & jeanny for 'Drive-By TMI')


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Kania said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! ok ok ok you had to have made that up you seriously! did not see that many cars with the sudo evangelistic bumper sticker! sorry to tell you its actually worse in florida. R.I.P Pookie em nem..1John 3:16..305 till i die..........LMAO!!!!!!!