Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tøfler and piano

I was invited to my friend and boxing partner, Ida's, home for dinner this evening and we had a wonderful time. Her boyfriend, Didrik, just bought a new piano and we tried to get him to play us a piece - which he promised he'll time we come over. Rumor has it, he is quite the talent.

Also at the dinner, my friend Anne Christine, gave me my favorite gift of 2008. She is a crafts woman with the knitting needles and since my toes are always cold, she knitted me these wonderful slip ons ("tøfler" in Norwegian) to wear! They were in my favorite color and had the prettiest little buttons on the sides. SO cute! I was bummed when I was leaving and had to take them off to put my shoes on, but I love them so much I might even sleep in them tonight.

It's still pretty cold around here so Ida had Didrik light up the fireplace for us. Such a delicious night. On nights like these I get a little sad about leaving so many wonderful friends behind. But luckily they are all gracing us with their presence for our wedding, so it won't be too long till I see them again.
Here's the master knitter herself!


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Kania said...

Purple booties!!!!!!!