Monday, March 3, 2008

While the rest of you were sleeping...

Step two of the VISA process. Proving I don't have HIV or syphilis and taking a bunch of irrelevant vaccines. They are irrelevant because growing up in Norway - I've taken them all already, so I'm basically flushing money down the drain. But what's funny is that I used to be so scared of needles that it took like 4 people to hold me down every time my class was scheduled for their vaccinations. My 5th grade teacher actually joked once that it is very unlikely that I'll ever become a drug addict because I would cry just by getting the letter home informing about an upcoming shot...and look at me now. Not only am I taking pictures while being poked with needles, I'm also smiling! So I guess I DO have the potential to become whatever I want after all, huh.

Then again, it could be because it's a very small price to pay to get to be with the love of my life for like ever and ever. I mean that metaphorically, cuz seriously - these shots are costing me a bloody fortune.

2 vaccines down, 5 to go.


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Kania said...

YAY!!!! I am one step ha ha ha ha (evil laugh) :-)