Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rising Down

Thaaaaaat's right, i bought my 2nd CD this year - and it's only April! Already 100% more than the year prior.

- jelsen


Hasani said...

Yes, meng, YES! I had to get my copy on the release date! After negotiating the ridiculously long Grand Theft Auto IV lines I was able to secure my very own copy. (I think I'll be fine without the "Birthday Girl" track only available on iTunes UNLESS, you go here!

tank me latah)

Oh yes, if I didn't remind my buddy Jel about the "RIsing Down" release yest he'd be "Johnny (or Jelly) come lately" No thank yous necessary holmes lol

ConnyKate said...

I bought this foolishness. They need to learn to release their good songs as singles. Their lead singles since "Break You Off" have been booty. Does the rest of the album no justice.