Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finally! New Kicks, again.

I've been a REALLY good boy about impulse purchases as of late. So, today, i ran 'round the bend to Puma with fingers crossed HOPING that there'd be a pair of kicks worthy of my greenbacks. Whew! Success + fat laces.

- jelsen


Kania said...

Ahhh very hot!!! to bad you can't top the puma princess in Orlando!!! we can match now i have them in yellow :-) (it does not help that i have a friend who works at the puma outlet...whats your shoe size?)

Anonymous said...

whooot whooo!!! those are some hotties, nice score!

Jeannie said...

you are making me miss my navy blue pumas with fat whites. i do like the matching laces on yours though.

i will have to dig out my rod lavers now.