Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Growing pains

I know Jelsen loves ME...but I'm not sure he has much love for our plant. Considering this is our one and only plant right now, you'd think we'd be able to keep it alive (and by we, I mean Jelsen). Anyway...I am trying to rescue it, which basically means I watered it and cut off all the dead leaves. Hopefully it'll soon turn from yellow to green again.



Hasani said...

The leaves are turning yellow? Maybe it's soaking up urea vapors? er... it is sitting next to the toilet!

Hasani said...

Hmmmm... or maybe jelsen IS watering it!!! AHAAA!!!!

Line said...

Hmm...Bahareh, jeg er bekymret. Den eneste planten du har i hele leiligheten er plassert på do???