Sunday, April 6, 2008

Now, I'm not one to be crazy about beer, but when one of my oldest friend Birgitta, is turning 30 on the same night that she has her very own homemade beer competing in the Norwegian championship of BEER...I am ALL about beer. The event was held by Norbrygg and you can read all about them on their Norwegian.

(b-day girl!)

(strawberry and banana short cake and beer was a yummy combo)

(Katharina and Glenn taking notes)

(a sign I found to be pretty interesting on my way to the bathroom)

(a couple of the judges)

Birgitta came in 9th place, a couple of spots ahead of her beer enthusiastic dutch husband, Eduard, who won the gold medal last year (or the year before?).

(9th place - yay!)

(Eduard is also Norbryggs Head of PR)

Anyway. We got these cups and was supposed to walk around to the different tasting stations
that were all divided by the letters of the alphabet. The entire alphabet was represented, including the Norwegian"æ" "ø" "å". Needless to say, we got drunk. Very drunk. By the time they were calling out the winners, I was so wasted that I tried to lead a cheer in honor of the 3rd place. "Stout! Stout! Stout!"

It didn't really catch on.


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