Friday, May 23, 2008

Igloo + BLENDS + Subtext

My buddy Lenard Smith (a sick photographer) made sure to direct me to Igloo [ in Little Italy ]. Lenard was back in Brooklyn while i was basking in his home town. tee hee.

Arik was happily manning the store. Its a cool layout and they were holding down some cool pieces from zines, framed silkscreened prints, to graphic tees.

What else do you need?
I stuck around the shop for a minute talking design, silkscreened shopping bags, and Lawrence Fishburn's saliva. Arik even let me charge my phone til he locked up for the day. I asked him where to go for kicks and he offered me a lift to his buddies' over at BLENDS [ in the East Village ].

....are people here really all this nice? mmhm.YES. I finally got my hands on my very first pair of Vans. It took 24yrs but i finally got here.

Thanks to Edwin & Erwin for looking after my feet better than
podiatrists - word.
Here's the book i got at Subtext - a great shop with a clever neighbor...

big-ups to Gabriel.

til next time, folks.
- jelsen

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