Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Rodney Recovery

Yesterday, Rodney got into a serious car accident and had to go through emergency surgery. He's still induced at the hospital but no longer in critical condition - he's now in the recovery room.

Luckily - after arguing with Bellevue Hospital's 'customer service' for 20mins - Steph, Bahareh & I got to go up and see him one at a time.

Good news is the doctors said they'll wake him up either tonite or monday morning. Im glad to see Noochi again and I also got to meet Rodney's mother and his little brother for the very first time.

* they're amazing.

The 18th Letter will be back in no time,

- jelsen


Sallomazing! said...

oh my goodnes... give him my love when you can next see him.

kareem black said...


Youre in my thoughts man. Ill see you soon and we'll drink.

Get better man


Chelsea said...

Get well Rodney!

ghersionmyjersey said...

send him hugs and get wells from canada!