Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sand Diego MMMMMMeals

It wasnt til i got back home [ ah, BK ] that i realized that i only had 4 meals my entire 2 days in San Diego! Jeez.

Predictably, i documented each.

1st MEAL: (above) I had right before jumping onto the roller-coaster at Mission Bay. It was a buffalo chicken sub, fries, and ginger ale.

i know - exciting.
2nd MEAL: Later on that day , after the art show, i headed back to my bed'n'breakfast around 3am. All day people were telling me i HAD to have Mexican food here.

At 3:15am - i did.

....and it was fantabulous. I forgot what i ordered, but you understand. Oh, and the side of SPICY carrot slices was a nice touch. I forget what the spot's name was.
3rd MEAL: The following day i met up with Nate [ The Love Movement ] and some buddies for brunch at Cafe Chloe. I had the poached eggs & wild mushroom and sage truffle buerre blanc......yes, i looked that up to confirm.

I happily accompanied the savory with 1 + 1 = 2 pomegranate mimosas. They were absolutely delicious. So delicious i had to take a over-buzzed power nap an hour later at a coffee shop a few blocks up.

sloppy, yet efficient!

Besides the great meal was a wave of great service - yes, wave. I got to kick it with Alison McGrath [ a proprietor ] about my man-crush on her current city. She even gave me some real estate leads.
4th MEAL: My good buddy Marge drove down all the way from Los Angeles to meet me for lunch. Good times!

We headed to Coronado to eat at Tartine - which a friend (San Diego native) back in NYC insisted i visit - pretty close to the water. the weather was (still) beautiful and the food was great. I had one of my favorite things to say, "...chicken cooked under a brick, please."

- jelsen

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Jeannie said...

i remember i drank some wine at a lovely bakery in SF when i was visiting my man. it was like 11 AM and everyone gave me evil looks - but it was like, i'm on vacation bitches! and it's a fine NYC 2PM in my head!