Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good Morning // 16

At 6:30am saturday morning our wonderful (and perma-cheerful) wedding florist Jessy picked us up in her brand spankin' new car (aka The Toaster) and headed to Chelsea Flower Market. I love being in the city so early in the morning - it's at its cleanest....aaaah.

We hopped from one shop to the next finalizing our vision for the wedding. Flowers are so damn interesting. "what's this?...what's that called?" Bahareh and i periodically asked. Jessy always knew, and i swear they all sounded like dinosaur names....we're having puffer fish as our centerpieces. sike!
Thank you Jessy for the great time! Cant wait to see the goodies.

- jelsen


stephanieLand said...

gorgeous!!! wish i could've been there!

Anonymous said...

How incredibly cool are Jelsen and Bahareh! I am so excited to do the flowers for this uber groovy couple!! :) ~jessy