Friday, July 11, 2008

Candice's Stockholm For Now

Candice is awesome. Why? Because she does whatever the hell she wants. Where is she now? Stockholm - because she wanted to move there.

Just Like That.

A fellow graphic designer, we met while working at BBDuh-Oh a couple years back. I would often poke her brain for stories of 'what and how to do it' (for example - she moved to amsterdam from san fran for a gig) and periodic career goal channeling.

So far, she's done just about everything i want to do - in the correct order! epic.

Ah well, now she's in Sweden living it up; keep it up, homie! As soon as you slow down i'll catch up.

Check out her primo blog: NewYorkForNow
Also, her craft (one of 'em): SOFT

Pick Up & Go

- jelsen

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