Monday, July 14, 2008

Featured Wedding

While planning our wedding, I've looked for inspiration everywhere, and one of my favorite places to look the past 6 months has been Brooklyn Bride's blog. Today, we were pretty excited to see that she decided to write about our wedding as a source of inspiration for others.

Take a peek at her blogpost and if you know of anyone who is looking for inspiration for their upcoming nuptials - you should send them straight to it and expect a thank you or two.

-Mrs. Bahareh Badavi-Innocent


Peonies and Polaroids said...

I was just having a look through your blog (thank you so much for your comments on mine!) when I got to these pictures and thought 'ooh, more pictures of that fabulous wedding everyone's talking about' then I realised 'hang on a minute, this is the bride from that fabulous wedding everyone's talking about!' And then I got really excited!

Anyway, my point - your wedding is oh so fabulous and you and your husband oh so chic. I adore your shoes, I've been lusting after them all day! They're the most gorgeous colour. And the dress! And the suit, and and and..... everything! I love it.

Yoi said...

I saw the pics of your wedding on the Brooklyn Bride blog (which I read daily to get ideas!) and was wondering if you wouldn't mind discussing some of the details of your wedding with me. We're also having our wedding at New Leaf next May.

If you have a chance to be in touch, my email is yoitanaka at

Many thanks,