Monday, August 18, 2008

Far Rockin' It!

"All Aboard the Crab Train!" - Billy, Bahareh and i eagerly accepted an invitation to my cousin Tasha and Larry's (her boyfriend) seafood dinner in Far Rockaway, Queens.

A proper sunday.
Now, this is my very 2nd time having crabs - actually, the most ever in one sitting. After some careful instruction from Larry on how to consume these suckers i was butter-dippin' sans training wheels almost instantly.
'Twas so much fun. The mini-voyage was part of that fun, too. Thanks for converting me to crustaceans Tash&Larry!

- jelsen


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming, I luv u both..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming, I luv you both...

Kania said...

Awww the famz! Looks like you guys had a blast :-)next trip....Orlando and turkey dogs ??? si si :-)