Monday, September 29, 2008

Friendly Joe finally opened in BK

I've been keeping up with the opening of Trader Joe's new store in Brooklyn and been planning a trip there all weekend. Today I hopped on a bus which takes me literally from outside my house to right outside Joe's new house in a matter of minutes!
The store is set in the old Independence Bank building and looks as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. It's big, open and bright due to the high high ceilings and enormous windows. At first glance it was pretty busy, but at the same time I was left with plenty of personal space around my cart. The deals were great and I picked up a bunch of mouth watering goodness I've always wanted to try out but never bothered to stand in line at the Union Sq. location for.

The infamous "End of Line" barely reached around the corner from the registers! I didn't even stand still with my cart in the line, it was a steady and comfortable pace all the way.
Tony kindly asked me to not take any pictures of the store and I obliged. After all, he agreed to let me snap one of him in his Hawaiian shirt before tucking my camera away.
108,62 dollars spent and about 17 meals planned out in my head already. Thanks, Joe!



Anonymous said...

FUNNN!! i can already smell your wintery dishes, oh how fun they were last year!!

Love + Marriage said...

Oooh! I make their pumpkin bread mix and pass it off as homemade. I once made it for my husband and mailed it to Bklyn while we were long distance dating. He still thinks I am amazing for it. Shhhh, don't tell.