Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Notorious. Hmmm

Ok, so i might get my Brooklyn ID Card revoked for this but i really dont think Mr. Black Alfred Hitchcock is big-budget film worthy. Yes, yes - he was DOPE....but, c'mon - there have been better emcees with much longer careers (ok, so he was murdered) that i'd rather spend $11 bucks at the theater to see.

They even cast Angela Bassett?! Oh c'mon now.

I love Biggie, but his life's been already documented best: through his own lyrics. So, why the movie? blah.

...and im not gonna compare him to Tupac, either.

Gabe, thanks for the link.
- jelsen

1 comment:

cameron said...

hahahah, yea man, they gotta make that loot!