Monday, September 1, 2008

OUR First Dance!!

Here's a snippet of it. Damn, this makes me wanna do it all over again!

Love you, Love.
- jelsen


Jeannie said...

now i understand why you practiced it so much in the office ;)

Love + Marriage said...

I started reading your blog after looking at your a-mazing wedding photos. But now I can't stop reading because your pictures remind me of Brooklyn, a city I am homesick for even though I never lived there. I met my husband there and he moved to Seattle. So sometimes I show his your pics and we are both like....aaaaah, Brooklyn.

east side bride said...

Aww we wanna see the whole thing.

Kellie said...

i too started reading your blog after seeing the pics from your wedding on a random website. i have bookmarked it and read at least once a week :) you are clever and creative people and i think you're amazing. love the video! what song is this?