Monday, September 8, 2008

When Virgos Attack!

Yes yes, the whole lot of them. This past weekend kicked my ass - and ive had weeks of conditioning! Birthday party hopping was in full effect. Let's review, no?
First up, the vonderful Lichiban. If it looks like the 5 of us took over the entire restaurant its because out of the 7 tables at A Bistro....5 of them inhabited a birthday girl or boy.

It got intense. Chefs included.
Some consider this up: we head over to give Bday Boy Chuck a congratulatory hi-5.

This is the very first thing that happened as soon as Bahareh jumped out of the cab in front of their door: CRASH!
Unfortunately, we could stay long enough to celebrate in proper fashion. we had more hopping to do, knawmean?!

We then wobble-walked to Jeannie's bday celebration in Alphabet City 'round midnight. The party, as you can imagine, was already far ahead of us on the self-sedation train.
And that's a wrap! Happy Consecutive Birthdays, buddies.

- jelsen

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Jeannie said...

oh and THANK you guys for coming. (and thank you for not posting the picture of me imitating the chinese food delivery man.)