Thursday, October 9, 2008


Just this monday, Bahareh and i headed to The Kitchen (my first time) for a show/reading some of our friends helped curate/produce. I had no idea of the treat-basket i was about to indulge in.

[from their bio]
Chimurenga [loosely translated as "liberation struggle"] was founded and edited by DJ and writer Ntone Edjabe in 2002. It publishes tri-yearly print projects that interrogate the superficial and give voice to the renegade in a series of "thinking out loud" profiles, deconstructed and imagined interviews, surreal short stories, poetry, and other devices that challenge strict notions of fact and fiction.
6 contributors [ ranging from filmaker to researcher to artist ]of the magazine had readings, short films from African cinema, and oodles of interesting slides....
The panelists (not in seated order) were:
Olu Oguibe
Peter James Hudson
Tunde Giwa
Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts
Brent Hayes Edwards
Gabi Ngcobo
SO enlightening; i took oodles of notes and ive had 20 tabs in firefox i refuse to close.

Google, them.

- jelsen

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