Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The moment

After OBAMA was announced the winner, we stopped jumping up and down screaming our lungs and throats sore...and watched while the President-elect took center stage.

("Where were you when Obama was elected President?"Our answer will be presented to you soon.)

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apy said...

It's just fucking amazing!
Yesterday, I had the feeling to be american. To me, Obama is not only the new president ot the USA but also a hope for the whole world.
You can be proud, you have to be.
I love your country for all his contradictions and where everything is possible, the worst (Bush) and now the best...
I hope he will be able to "change" the world a little bit...he has lots of work.
But he can't change the world alone, we have to change for this...yes we can.

A french guy.