Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pretty People Make Pretty Music

...and babies. duh!

Earlier this week i got to see Sarah White and Mr Don Cuco perform at Southpaw. I can go on and on about how their performance gave me goosenipples but instead i'll let you try 'em out for yourself.
Here's a clip from that night's set. The song's "Wanna Be Wit You [ Kiva Remix ]" accompanied by Daru on drums and Kiva on keys:

The duo also graced 'The Best Day of Our Lives" with their love. On our wedding day they flipped Stevie Wonder during our procession...acoustic guitar + her voice?! C'mon.

I kept bobbing my head until i realized i needed to focus on not fucking up 'I....Do.'
That's correcto: Sarah's HIDING BLIND record is up for grabs on iTunes. Album art designed by yours truly.

- jelsen


Anonymous said...

i can't believe you didn't tell me this was happening. wtf? i've been wanting to see sarah live for a while, since you hyped her and we missed her in bedstuy. dayum. keep me in the sarah white loop willya.

Anonymous said...

ummm yes, and i saw her tonight and hadn't even known about her show. double dayum.