Monday, March 10, 2008

Semi-Squeeky Cleaning

Bahareh thinks that i only clean the house when friends are visiting - which is completely untrue. i believe that i clean best on rainy days.

Its been raining a lot, lately.

Coincidentally, my highschool buddy Nydia - visiting from DC - is gonna crash for a night. the odds?!

A few interesting observations whilst tidying up. First, in the bedroom, i realized that our sheet 'ensemble' accurately matches my Ronald McDonald nikes! Second, cleaning out the fridge, i pulled out four (4) different kinds of milk and/or alternatives that were ALL expired (not drastically! just by a few days - except for the...)

Soy egg nog? gross. i have no idea how that one survived AT LEAST 5 rainy days since the new year.

Maybe i do need more friends.

- jelsen

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Anonymous said...

haha, love the shoe discovery.