Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1st Day in DC, continued:

Much to my excitement, Tara father Marshal E. Purnell, FAIA [ of architecture firm Devrouax + Purnell ] had a bash at Busboys & Poets' 'Langston Room' sunday night. I swear it was the perfect blend of dancing-off grown folks + a family reunion + open bar.

What else could possibly matter:
Met some people - better yet, some inspiring people. These guys have been getting it done for a long time; great stories to tell.

After the lights went up and James Brown's final, "...say it loud" and the entire place - with clenched fists fixed high - yelling back, "...IM BLACK AND PROUD!" we headed back to home base for some more spiritual hydration.....
This is my Costanza + Air Mattress interpretation. Bess believe notes were taken all around.
Nydia crashed early because, "...dude, tuesday tuesday - it goes down on tuesday!". So Tara took sponsored our Dance Tour of DC [ Phase I ]....
As you guys can imagine - the entire city's in this euphoric-like trance. Well, at least the millions that commuted to DC for these few days. I counted at least 17 high fives between what seemed to be total strangers round about.

Collegiate? YES.
.....we kept party hopping:
oh my. it reappeared:
.....and immediately after devouring the empanadas i, of course, had to critique a Washington DC cheese 'Jumbo Slice':
Twas good. Aaaaaall of it. Im really feeling this city.

via UpSouth,
- jelsen

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Anonymous said...

geeeez!! out of control dude. i love that you were like "here take my camera" to one person and "here, pour vodka into my mouth" to another. oh, and we need to discuss rockin that pose in public. haha.