Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good Morning // Its 2009, duh.

The morning of Jan 1st 2009 was well greeted. We watched the international [and traditional] ski jumping game, washed down brown cheese with taquila shots [non-traditional], and got geared up for some cross-country skiing [my new tradition].
...which went really well. ha.
We then settled down at a frozen lake and built a fire [ yes, on the ice] for some hotdog eatin'.
After realizing that being numb in all the important places wasnt actually cool we jumped back into the ass-heated car and headed to Glenn's mum for sweets and giggles.

What's extra special is she handmade my lusekofte for me years ago and i finally got to meet [ hug ] and thank her for the wonderfulness.
Back home we slipped into the sauna Glenn & Kat built in their basement.
c'mon now.
- jelsen

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Anonymous said...

home grown saunas...WOW.