Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something fishy

I came upon this strange little creature earlier today. Possibly the strangest looking fish I've ever seen. The mouth sorta looks like a...vajay jay, no? Like a very talented one? 

Just know that I know that you thought the same thing when you watched it. If I'm going blind, we're ALL going blind, m'key?



Jelsen said...

...great. now everyone'll think this is what your vajay-jay looks like.


Nia said...


FLY LADY DI said...

lmfao!!!!!!!!!! (@jelsen's comment)

truth be told, i had a fish just like that one when i was little, except it was miniature (probably the size of your pinkie finger). called a "sucker" fish that would suck all the algae clean from the tank...

yeah that would be everymans dream - a vajay-jay that did that! lol.

Jeannie said...