Monday, February 2, 2009

Sans Tooth Sunday

Good morning!

First thing i did was brush my teeth. The second thing i did was put what was left of my half-ass root canal-ed tooth in a Ziploc bag above my bathroom sink mirror.

I should be shocked but i saw this one coming for weeks - and finally the levee broke. The good news is that im soon to be insured AND im replacing the empty space with gzold!

Figured this a great opportunity to get my Caribbean on.

Ok, so then i headed to Lichiban's to meet with dope photographer [ his work here ] Amir Ebrahimi.

He was shooting me for C L A M magazine. Fuck the missing tooth:
....after the shoot i met up with Chakaras & Steph who were on the other side of Brooklyn just finishing up a shoot of their own.

Hooray, bar food. That's the most Super Bowl i participated in. So?
Somebody owes me money.

- jelsen


Anonymous said...

you're rockin that gap!

Bahareh said...

ah, good riddance! That tooth was doing you no good. now you can continue your love affair to gooooold.