Friday, March 13, 2009

Oroma Therapy

The other night we got a visit from Oroma. She just got back from West Africa and came through to chill for a meal, technical mac support, and creative political banter.
Oroma's the brain [ she'll completely deny this fact, though ] of POP'AFRICANA:

POP'AFRICANA is the pioneering voice redirecting continental thinking and global opinion of the African. A robust and educative guide, re-introducing, re-defining and inspiring all aspects of Art Africano. Serving as more than a cultural report, our all-inclusive perspective aims to educate the globe on African ideas of beauty and style.


Below are some grabs from the Introductory Issue:
Oh yeah - and she's a great photographer & stylist. Below's a sneak peek of the upcoming issue [ i designed the logo ]:
And check out her heavy blog [ Oroma's Therapy ]. 

- jelsen