Friday, June 19, 2009

Vroooooooom! i've been in search of a new bike forever and FINALLY something caught my eye [ and wallet ] via craigslist a week ago. boston > craigslist.

ha - i emailed the post and he called me back the next morning.

'cool - so what neighborhood are you in?', he asked.
'new york city.'
'damn, dude.'
'yeah - gimme 5-6hrs to get there.'

this was on a friday so i jumped on a chinatown bus [ bought a disposable camera first ] and headed to boston:
I got there just under 5hrs.

And once i got there a mister Josh Deane picked me up and pulled my baby out of his jeep:
> Y E S <
After about 20mins of throwing bike jargon back and forth [ he was far more articulate ] i handed over some currency and headed back to the bus station.
pwitty luggage.
I got back to manhattan around 4am. My first ride through the city and onto the manhattan bridge was soooooooooo clean.

I named it Plan Bee.
Thanks again, Josh, for my new pet.

oh fixed gear,
- jelsen


Anonymous said...

damn. that last shot is SICK. congrats (one more time) on the new Plan Bee. now, go ride!

ghersionmyjersey said...

love it.
so jelsen.

i'll ride jeremy's bike down.
meet me half way?

FLY LADY DI said...

amazing story!

i named mine Freddy Da Silva (I'm sure you guys have met before), he's still in Brooklyn. my homegirl just got a bike and i named it Elaine (or Len-Len for short). it's good to give your bike a name. i'll call urs Bee Bee for short.