Monday, March 17, 2008

Black Sheep Minus 1, Plus 2 More

For the sake of not being inconsistent, the pre-partying stretching technique was again applied. Hasani was well prepared.
DRES of Black Sheep rep'd hard, indeed. It was my first time seeing him live and im glad i got the chance. Unfortunately for me, i was slacking on my Native Tongues Posse trivia i was expected the other 50% of the herd, Mr Lawnge....but, they split up ages ago.

Some special guests helped me move pass the initial confusion. 1st up - Rhymefest. Now, this brother is a nasty emcee. Clever lyrics galore and he presence is crazy energetic. I am now a believer. 2nd - Ladybug Mecca (previously of Digable Planets). Uhm.....woah. I'll just leave it at that.

Bahareh and i saw the entire group in Miami over 3 years ago. Actually, that could have been our very first concert together. Not bad, eh?
After the show we headed to Prospect Heights to Whitney's house party. Rodney flaunted his munchies combo of choice.

At the house, more self-sedation was then applied. Consistency is key!
The weekend, oddly, just sped right passed me.

Til next,
- jelsen

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Anonymous said...

"Uhm.....woah. I'll just leave it at that." What does that mean? I heard that Ladybug performed and she looked great. How was her set?