Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pretty fingers

My 3 year old niece, Frida, decided she would give me a manicure today. Then I got to give her one and when I was done she took a long look at it and said very seriously; "I did a better job, auntie, but don't be sad - I'm a princess so everything I do is always better."

After our nails dried up, we went for a long walk in the gorgeous weather and on our way back we visited the horses that live next door. I wanted Frida to pose with them for a picture but she reminded me that last time she did that, one of them nibbled on her mitten, so there's no way she'll put herself through that again. We went home and ate ice cream instead.



Anonymous said...

that manicure is off the hook.

Kania said...

LMAO she is so cute!! Sorry auntie but she IS the princess!