Monday, March 10, 2008

Boston, here i come

After my bloodymary-assisted brunch at The Speakeasy i jumped on the Fung Wah Bus ($15 NYC to Boston each way) well prepared for the 4hr mini-journey ahead.

My little brother, Andrew, has been going to school [Bentley College] up there for almost four years now. I rarely get to visit the lil fella, so when he tore his ACL during a soccer game i couldnt think of a more applicable reason to come to Boston: surgery.

Aaaaw, dont feel so sorry for him. he doesnt seem to be worried about the surgery at all.

See? its 8hrs before the procedure and he's calmly ordering tex-mex.
Dattaboy. tomorrow's a big day, indeed.

- jelsen

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Jeannie said...

aw how'd it go?