Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Easter!

Norway doesn't separate church and state, so we all get about 10 extra days off for it every year. The kick off was today. Easter is my favorite season in Oslo because it clears up and feels like a totally different city once everyone has left. Lovely.

The average Norwegian goes to his cabin or a ski resort and proceeds to ski all day and drink all night - or vice versa...or any other combination of alcohol and ski gear you can think of. Kids get their own little buzz going when they get their easter eggs filled to the rim with candy and run around in constant sugar highs.Yes, for 10 days. And although I am very much against the combination of sugar and children, I surrender to tradition and give my niece and nephew these "little things" every year as well.

Hey, I'm trying to win the "aunt of the year" award, h'ok?


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Anonymous said...

ummm, those are absolutely gorgeous. i wouldn't really say "little things", more like gems from heaven. haha, good luck with those high on sugar kiddies! ps, i'm super jealous of your 10 days off.