Friday, March 14, 2008

Intercontinental Mail x2

More mail for me! hooray! The first package is from my buddy Nora in Hamburg. She travels to nyc a lot and a couple months ago finally got to meet Bahareh. For the longest time she didnt believe she actually existed outside of my imagination. ha.

These are pics from that visit.
The second package was from my dutch homie, Benjamin, in amsterdam. He works for Frame Magazine and i just fucking love this publication. It's focus is primarily on international interior design, architecture, and they dabble in some product design.

These cats DO NOT PLAY.

The layouts of every issue is like....uhm....a well executed experiment. Graphically, photographically, typographically, and everything else-ically. I dream of working with these guys. The printing methods they switch up for the covers are always exciting, too.

The only way i get em is if he sends em to me; these bitches are expensive.
That's my re-refurbished baby nicely nestled back at the casa.

- jelsen

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